Welder TIG

A large company is looking for an employee for the position of TIG welder

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Подробная информация/Job description


The task is to connect/weld metal parts using various welding equipment.

The work includes preparing surfaces for welding - leveling, and securing, if necessary. Further pre-processing of workpieces and components for welding - installation, and adjustment of the welding machine (resistance welding and welding presses), cutting of metal materials with oxygen or plasma manually, and using cutting machines. Welding and soldering of products and structures made of metal materials and their alloys (TIG), cleaning and checking the quality of the weld.

The work is carried out on construction sites, in workshops and factories, in power plants, and in agriculture. Often noisy rooms.

The most used working tools are welding machines, including presses, oxygen and gas cylinders.

 pipe size - 30 – 600 mm, TIG + electrode

 you will go to welding school




A necessary condition for employment is having a diploma in the profession of “Welder”, completing a welding course, and passing the relevant tests already in the Czech Republic. You also need work experience, the ability to concentrate, quick reaction, work with drawings and technical documentation, and good eyesight.



the work is outside and inside, various places in the Czech Republic, power plants, constructions, etc


8-12 hours a day,the possibility of a lot of overtime


starting wage 230 net per hour
after trial period 250 net per hour
(if you become a welding master, the salary increase to 260-270 crown)


The employer will pay for your Czech welder certificate, but you must sign a contract with a him for 2 years. If you work for him for less than 2 years, you will pay for the certificate yourself! (price approx. 15,000 crowns)




4,000 crowns are paid by the employer
2000 crowns employees

If you work in another part of the Czech Republic or in other states, a dormitory will be provided.



paid accommodation (+ furniture and dishes),

work clothes\uniform,

travel to work place

от 230 -250
8-12 hours
work trips in CZECH
4 weeks